Sheryl B. Marymount is a jazz singer and songwriter who is based in the San Francisco Bay area.

Since 2012 she has performed what she calls “jazz cabaret,” mixing together original songs and vintage

standards in her musical revues “Sugar, Refined” and “Crushed On You.” Her most recent show, titled

“Sassy Sweet Summertime Treat,” has resulted in her debut recording, Complicated Needs.


Ms. Marymount has an attractive voice that perfectly fits her saucy and witty style. She puts on a

colorful show yet fully understands the lyrics that she is singing. On Complicated Needs she is joined by The

Stellar Six, a sextet comprised of pianist­-keyboardist Eddie Mendenhall, bassist Dan Robbins, drummer

Jason Lewis, trumpeter Jeff Lewis, Kristen Strom on tenor and flute, and trombonist Dave Gregoric, the

musical director who is responsible for most of the arrangements. The musicians are excellent and there are

plenty of fine solos sprinkled throughout the set.


The first four songs on Complicated Needs are originals composed or co­written by the singer. “Man

For Me” has some dramatic trumpet, a sensuous vocal and excellent spots for tenor, trombone and piano.

“Lover” is based on the chords of “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” but has different melody and lyrics.

The swinging piece features a colorful arrangement that alternates the horns with the singer and Sheryl B.'s

closing vocal sounds particularly fetching. “Complicated Needs” is a witty piece while the bluesy “Junkie” is

about being thoroughly addicted to someone else.


Rather than perform George Gershwin’s “Someone To Watch Over Me” at the usual ballad pace,

the band version is taken at a swinging tempo. It is filled with happy optimism about the future with Sheryl B.

bringing it to a strong conclusion with some high notes. “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” is a change of pace,

given a contemporary and funky treatment that works. “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To” is also

transformed a bit, turned into a Latinized celebration. The program concludes with a second but very

different version of “Someone To Watch Over Me,” a warm ballad treatment with the singer being

accompanied by guest pianist Douglas Amster.


Complicated Needs is an easily enjoyable set that serves an excellent

introduction to Sheryl B. Marymount.


- Scott Yanow

Author of The Jazz Singers and Jazz On Record 1917­76

"Bursting with a huge and sassy brass introduction, Complicated Needs is a

showcase of Sheryl B. Marymount’s sultry jazz vocals from start to finish."

- Cross Radar





Produced, pressed, and ready for delivery, the new album showcases

her love affair for the incessant mood of Indigo with flair.

- HyPursuit





“Complicated Needs” is a magnificent change from overproduced vanilla pop.

- JamSphere





An amazingly vibrant album in which Sheryl showcases her amazing voice.

Her voice sounds huge yet beautiful at the same time - a real hard feat to accomplish.

- The Music Farmer





"Sheryl B. and her incredible band of musicians pulled together to record two songs for my film "Love in Absentia", and

what they produced was nothing short of perfection.  From concept to completion, Sheryl B. Marymount is one of those

rare artists who understands the big picture, responds accordingly and delivers every time."

- Kate Melia-Morichetti, Cinema Beau Reve Productions

© Copyright Sheryl B. Marymount 2015